George Soros is about Opening Societies and helping People to Thrive

Many right-wing followers might not believe this; but the major American liberal financier, George Soros, wants to make the world a better place for everyone. Soros is a firm believer in allowing people to immigrate into various countries to improve the quality of their life. The United States and the various countries of the European Union (EU) are two of Soros’s priorities for immigration.

Soros funds an organization called the Open Society Foundations and its main objective is to build tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people. This even means immigrants and other people who migrating from different parts of the world.

One of the reasons why Soros is such a big fan of U.S. immigration and of the migration of refugees from unstable regions into the EU; has to do with freedom and the right for people to be free from tyranny.

Soros wants people to live good and productive lives but he realizes that they need a stable environment to do so. If people are fleeing in droves from a particular nation; there is a reason why they are making an exodus out of that place.

Soros does not want the U.S. government or other EU nations to turn away immigrants or refugees. He wants them to be accepted in. Keep in mind that Soros is no fool. He does not want people just crossing over the border just to commit crime, live off of taxpayers and to destroy a stable way of life. Soros does not want that at all. He just wants people to live in a first-world environment and to experience the many blessings that this kind of environment has to offer.

This is one reason why George Soros funds many organizations through his Open Society Foundations network. Groups such as the Immigration Legal Resource Center, Humans Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the ACLU are all supported by Soros. They also work to help immigration to really be a workable solution to benefit everyone. Read more on Snopes about George Soros.

Soros really wants societies to be open because of the lessons he learned during World War II when he was just a young man. Soros grew up in Hungary under Hitler’s regime. His family were Jewish people. The only reason why they were not taken to the death camps was because of his father. Soros’s father got his family out of Hungary once he saw what was coming for Jewish people.

Soros never forget the lessons that he learned from this experience. It would motivate his reasons for being heavily involved into politics. By trade, Soros is a powerful businessman who has amassed an astronomical fortune. He has even used his funds to help establish programs for inner city children; he funded the arts and has even given assistance to various universities and colleges.


Soros’s Open Society Foundation is something that is important to Soros. It helps him to do his part with maintaining a balanced world where no one man or government can come to power and rule everyone. Soros realizes that everyone needs a chance in life to be successful. Sometimes, governments must allow people inside of their lands to make this happen.

InnovaCare Health Hires Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides as Top Executives

InnovaCare, a leading health provider, has hired two experienced executives in its top ranks to give a boost to their already successful company. The new members of the group, Penelope Kokkinides, and Richard Shinto has years of experience in the Medicare and Medicaid industry that they expect to use in their new company to take it to newer heights. The company understands the important of having powerful and yet friendly leaders on the top to ensure that the company can reach the next level of customer satisfaction. Both Kokkinides and Shinto have the ability to consistently achieve new goals for the company.

Penelope Kokkinides is the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) at InnovaCare and has been in the industry for more than 20 years specializing in Medicare programs where she was responsible for the improvement in the medical treatment processes for the patients. She has previously worked with different companies and in different positions helping her improve her skills. It was her impressive education background that helped her achieve success so easily. Penelope earned bachelor’s degree from Binghamton University in biological sciences and classical languages. She then worked on to earn hr masters degree in social work from New York University. She also has two additional master’s degrees, one in alcohol and substance abuse and another in public health.

Richard Shinto was offered the position at InnovaCare Health while he was still working as the CEO of Aveta Inc before it was sold out to another company. He has a bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of California and then a medical degree from the State University of New York. But, that was not enough for him, and then he earned his MBA degree from the University of Redlands. He has many papers and articles on clinical medicine and health care published in leading newspapers and magazines.

InnovaCare aims to provide quality medical care to its patients. According to HRMR Online,

the company wants to achieve this by hiring only the experienced and professional executives to be part of their team. Through friendly customer service and excellent communications, the company wants to achieve their set goals with diligence and hard work. The company has two affiliates located in Puerto Rico, one is MMH Healthcare, while the other is PMC Medicare Choice Inc. these offer physical and emotional health services to its members. According to a survey, the company has high customer satisfaction rate of about 90%.

Roberto Santiago Enjoys Sports And Entertainment And Offers These Amenities to Shoppers At His Mall

Brazil is famous for its beautiful beaches and art deco architecture. The city of Joao Pessoa is equally famous for their rich, hospitable atmosphere. Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa, and makes it his home to this day. He founded the Manaíra Shopping center there in 1987, eventually opening the doors after the extensive construction was completed in 1989. Roberto was only 30 years old and already was bringing in a wealth of success from his venture. The Manaíra Shopping mall is the largest mall in all of Joao Pessoa. One of Roberto’s credos is to establish a camaraderie between his guests and the mall. This is why there is such an extensive offering of varied services and entertainment that can be found there, to keep shoppers coming back on a daily basis, often spending their entire day in the mall.

Roberto Santiago created the mall’s design to focus on recreation, entertainment and educational services, essentially forming a one-stop location to find everything a shopper could want. There are eleven up-to-date theater rooms, equipped with the most current audio and visual equipment that can be obtained. The theaters offer VIP rooms for guests who prefer to experience a movie privately with only their family, or with their close friends. There are also 3D viewing rooms for shoppers who want to see a film offered in 3D. Each theater room has stadium seats for a much better view of the movie, compared to most other theaters. Every theater also has its own bar service, so you never have to leave the movie to find a drink or a snack. Read more on

There is an expansive fitness center, with on site professional trainers to assist you as you work out in their fully stocked gyms. For the shopper who prefers to spend their time playing video games, there is an amusement park that is stocked with more than 200 games within its 1800 square meter floor size. Within the amusement park is featured a fully electronic bowling lane where many times, shoppers can find Mr. Roberto Santiago himself on the lanes, for he is a known professional bowler and avid sports fan. Roberto has won a great many trophies from a variety of events all over South America, including racing in motocross and kart championship events.

The food area of the mall is amazing. It is called Gourmet Space, and has restaurants of all kinds, ranging from fine cuisine, to fast foods as well. There is a two-story concert hall positioned on the roof of the mall, which is famous for hosting 10,000 people who want to see a live performance, a comedian, or to host a ceremony within private cabins. View more articles on

Betsy DeVos: Work History and Outstanding Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is believed to be one of those American women who are equally successful in business and politics. There is another side of this amazing lady, and it is her philanthropy. Betsy entered the politics in 1992 when she joined Republican Party. President Trump chose her for the important position of Education Secretary. She has a long history of voicing for reforms in American education system. It is probably the reason why her philanthropic activities revolve around education. She is married to Dick DeVos who is successful businessman and son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. The couple decided to form a foundation for philanthropy in 1989. The name of their foundation is Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which is famous across the United States for supporting causes like education, leadership, justice, arts, and community. In the year 2015, Betsy gave away twelve million dollars which were twenty-six percent of the family’s annual wealth. The DeVos family holds the twenty-fourth spot on America’s Top Givers list by Forbes.

Betsy DeVos donated four-hundred-thousand dollars to Loudspeaker Media Incorporation which is run by Campbell Brown—a former anchor of CNN Channel. Mr. Brown will utilize those funds on a new educational website. He also runs a nonprofit company called The Partnership for Educational Justice for which Betsy donated additional four-hundred-thousand dollars. The Success Academy Charter Schools got one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars from her. She also gave five-thousand dollars to a nonprofit charter school management company called GREAAT Schools, Inc. During a visit to Michigan-based Christian school The Potter’s House, Betsy promised financial support. The school was given two-hundred thousand dollars by her as promised. Alliance for School Choice is a nonprofit organization that closely works with the American Federation for Children. Betsy donated an amount of one-hundred-thousand dollars to the organization. Fifty thousand dollars were given to a foundation which works for reforms in the education.

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy is a think-tank that operates in Washington D.C. Betsy provided the think-tank with seven-hundred-and-fifty thousand dollars and promised an additional amount of one million dollars. Betsy DeVos is a member of the Governing Body of the Institute. A libertarian and nonprofit law firm called Institute for Justice was given ten-thousand dollars by her. The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. received six-thousand-and-five-hundred dollars. The University of Maryland has a College Park Foundation which was provided five-hundred-thousand dollars by Betsy. The management of the university honored the couple by naming the institute after their names. School of Missionary Aviation Technology offers aircraft maintenance and flight certificates to men and women. Betsy provided the school with hundred thousand dollars. In addition to this, several educational institutions including Ferris State University received thousands of dollars from Betsy DeVos as donations.

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The Exemplary Life of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua is a prominent businessman with Philippine origin but currently residing in California, USA. He has successfully built a business empire with a humble beginning of been an employee back in the Philippines to becoming a global entrepreneur.

Initially, he was employed by Gano Excel in the Philippines. Later, Bernardo moved to California to lead Gano Excel USA. Thanks to his Philippines upbringing that made him understand the nutritional values of ganodermalucidium as an ingredient in the products of Gano Excel.

According to Zoom Info, Bernardo Chua later made his vision a success by establishing his company by the name Organo Gold. Organo Gold specializes in the production and sale of coffee and other items containing the healthy Ganoderma.

The most remarkable occurrence is that initially he had only three employees in his company but would later make it a multi-million dollar industry in more than 35 countries with numerous employees.

To make his products thrive through the global competitive market, Bernardo Chua has come up with an effective strategic plan known as the Preferred Customer Program.

This is a reward program aiming at rewarding frequent buyers. And how is this made possible? The program is accomplished by providing a 25 percent discount on Organo Gold coffee and associated products.

On his Facebook account, Bernardo is cited declaring his vision in coffee and tea beverages. Hard work and determination have seen him produce healthier beverage commodities as an alternative to regular coffee. He has used his Twitter account by the name ‘Bernie’ to expand and share his business concept to the young generation as well as ways of becoming successful.

Bernardo has received many awards globally. Severally, he has been selected as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the year. He was awarded the 2014 Business and Industry Dangalng Bayan award.

His company has been awarded People’s Choice Awards for being the leading global network marketing company. Bernardo’s company sponsors OG Cares Foundation that mentors the young generation on quality leadership.

The company under Bernardo’s leadership has successfully supplied a wide range of consumables by the aid of its independent, hardworking distributors.

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Jason Hope – An Entrepreneur From Arizona

Mr. Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur from Arizona who invested in the healthcare technology. As an entrepreneur, Jason has many inspirations when it comes to business venture.

Being a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and an MBA from the same institution, Jason understands that he has what it takes to start anything that is business related. At the initial stage of starting his business, Jason was inspired by mobile communication technology. He comprehends that the technology of mobile communication has a lot of benefits and can help with the opportunity of reaching a larger segment of people. Perhaps, it is the catalyst for change.

As a businessman, Jason Hope understands that the technology of mobile communication still needs some room for improvement and growth. Therefore, Jason was able to use the opportunity by starting to sell premium text message services – this is how Jason was able to lay his foundation and future in the business of medical research and technology and at the same time securing his passion of becoming a futurist.

Jason Hope is a fortunate man. Currently, he is making money from his portfolio of technology companies. At the beginning of his career, Jason created a mobile communication company known as Jawa. This was the parent company, which resulted in the additional partnerships with other companies in the industry of technology. Most of Jason investments include firms that provide Interactive Software, Business Information Systems, Digital Media Solutions, and Marketing Services. He appreciates that the future of the society depends on technology. It is through technology that places, things, and people can connect and interconnect.

Also, Jason apprehends that entrepreneurs will always have doubts on their ideas. New concepts or products will always present challenges. Therefore, it is upon the entrepreneur in charge to learn how to handle failure. According to Jason, an entrepreneur must always be on toes and focus on thinking ahead.

Is Lime Crime The Real Deal In Cosmetics?

In every line of work there are companies that become a staple in society while others seem to completely fall of the map. The cosmetics industry is no exception since it is flooded with thousands of products from the hundreds of brands. Make-up in general is a billion dollar field of work, which range from numerous products and services. There is one company/brand that is making huge waves in a sea that’s full of great competition. Lime Crime is the name and self expression is the game. Lime Crime has revolutionized make-up thanks to it’s wide range of beautiful colors. No other brand can compete with it or have as many unique hues.


Founder Doe Deere moved to the U.S. when she was just 17 years old. The Russian immigrant resided in New York City during this time, but as of today, she’s a full time resident of Los Angeles. Doe Deere has always had a passion for being creative ever since a very young age. Her love for the brightest and boldest of colors is now paying huge dividends as she’s found the secret to success. Lime Crime give consumers more benefits than most other brands such as being certified vegan as well as animal cruelty-free. Along with that, these products are long lasting, touch proof, and kiss proof. The brand helps bring a person’s rebellious side, but in a creative way.


Colors, colors, and more colors. Lime Crime give consumers the most fascinating and brilliantly toned colors such as saint, pansy, wicked, red velvet, black velvet, riot, rave, utopia, cashmere, faded, pink velvet, shroom, bleached, and many others. Every item is product tested, user friendly, safe, as well as being of the highest quality. Lime Crime is the brand of the future and Doe Deere has laid out a marvelous blueprint of success for other to follow.


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Bruce Levenson to Come Out on Top

Bruce Levenson has led an interesting life. He grew up in the northern suburbs of Washington D.C. He moved from there after high school to attend Washington University in St. Louis. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Politics he went on to get his law degree from American University. While attending American University, he started working as a journalist for the Washington Star.

In 1977, he and Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own paper that focused on developments in the oil industry. The United Communications Group was the name of the company and it began above Levenson’s father’s liquor store. As time went on they began obtaining other newsletters and started their own database. Both Levenson and Peskowitz have become members of the board for the company that they founded. This company still focuses on information but not just for the oil industry, now they have focuses in health, energy, mortgage banking, and technology among other industries.

He and Peskowitz bought the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004. At the time this meant that the two, along with a group of shareholders, owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, their stadium, and the Atlanta Thrashers Hockey team. Seven years after acquiring the two teams, the Thrashers were sold. Bruce Levenson felt it was important to focus on the basketball team and decided to become a member of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2014, the two sold the Hawks.

During their time as owners former general manager Danny Ferry had some misgivings with the organizations insurance company, causing the Company to begin pursuing a settlement against New Hampshire Insurance Company AIG. The claim is that there was a breach of contract involving protection of Wrongful Acts of Termination. It is important to note this involves the previous owners though and not the current owners of the Atlanta Hawks.

Having a solid background, and being a philanthropist in the community, in addition to his own law degree, Bruce Levenson and his partners are sure to come out on top no matter what.



Avi Weisfogel: Sleep Apnea Expert

Avi Weisfogel is a medical dentist based in New Jersey. He has over two decades of professional experience in this field. When he was commencing his studies at the New York Dentistry College, he purposed to become one of the most prominent dentists in the world. For this reason, he worked hard to graduate with the highest honors. He also got the necessary education and licensed to commence a practice in the country. As a matter of fact, his passion changed direction when he started his practice in New Jersey. During the first week of his practice, he was presented with a new disease that could emanate from the working capabilities associated with better business management. When he looked at the case, he felt that it was depicting the true representation of sleep apnea. During this time, he had limited knowledge concerning this disorder. For this reason, he worked to determine to attain extra knowledge regarding this disorder.

Avi Weisfogel grew more in knowledge concerning the sleep apnea medical condition. This was his first week at work. For this reason, he endeavored to become a high-end capability in this business. Avi Weisfogel also worked extra hard to channel his passion to the development of sleep apnea medical therapies. While the disease has no known cure, it can be salvaged through the application of numerous therapies in this entity. As a matter of fact, no one has better medical practice capabilities than Avi Weisfogel in this field. For this reason, he also developed numerous high-end capabilities to achieve better medical practice.

Sleep apnea is one of the killer diseases in the country. For this reason, it has been established that its development capabilities are not paralleled in the industry. Avi Weisfogel is also the Founder and President of the Dental Sleep Masters Company based in New Jersey. The company was developed with the main reason of enhancing more research into the determination of business deals in the country. As a matter of fact, Avi Weisfogel became the only dentist to achieve a mark of attaining more than 100 therapies that can be used to treat patients with sleep apnea.

Securus Technologies Is a Great Tool For Uncovering Crimes and Keeping In Touch Simultaneously

Why are so many people talking about the wonderful benefits of Securus Technologies? It is a tool that has been designed to make communicating with others much easier than it has been in the past. Securus Technologies is one of its kind in the sense that it allows people to communicate with others even when one of the parties has unfortunately placed in jail.


Being put in jail is never a good time for anyone. It can be an even more difficult time when the incarcerated individual has no way of talking to someone who they are rather close with. By utilizing the program that’s been created by Securus Technologies, the inmate will have the opportunity of chatting with who they would have wanted to visit them in jail, except in this case, the form of communication that is made possible by Securus Technologies makes it much more convenient to chat for the individual who is considered to be the visitor. It is a great tool that has changed the way that communications works and enables people to stay connected in the toughest of times, in this case, when one of the parties has been jailed.


Securus Technologies is not only a great way for inmates and their relatives, significant others, or friends to stay connected via means of video conferencing, it’s also been proven to be a great tool for law enforcement agencies to uncover crimes in the case certain acts of crime that have been occurring within the premises of the jail the inmate is in is discussed over the videoconferencing session through the Securus Technologies interface. Law enforcement officials are capable of using the conversations that are conducted in the Securus Technologies platform as evidence for use in court to proceed with opening an investigation. Communications has never been so useful before and in this case it helps both people and whole communities.