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Mike Heiligenstein is Accelerating Regional Growth with Innovative Transport Solutions

Transportation stakeholders recently met to discuss solutions to a growing urban traffic menace in Austin, Texas. The discussions were held under the auspices of the 19th Annual Williamson County Growth Summit. The forum seeks to address growing infrastructure needs, the future of toll roads in the state and what can be done to ease congestion on the roads.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is mandated to improve the quality of life and ease of doing business in Central Texas. The Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein agreed that toll roads are just one of the solutions to obtaining infrastructure funding. There is a healthy investor community in the area, and the state is looking to maximize such opportunities to accelerate development and maintenance of critical road networks. The Mobility Authority can make use of bonds, user fees or taxes to fund infrastructure projects.


Some sections may require strategic toll roads and zoning options for heavy commercial and farm traffic. This multi-pronged approach is the key to sustainable infrastructure development going into the future.


Better efficiency is required in public transport systems to reduce traffic. A good road network will attract new businesses to the area. It will also help local and regional businesses improve their bottom line through savings in commuting time and improved logistics and communications. Some of the proposed solutions include building smart connected roads, empowering capacity for real-time traffic monitoring through mobile applications and carpooling to reduce commuter traffic.


Stakeholders were also united on the need to integrate available cutting edge technologies into the design of new road networks and modernize the existing transport system. Through Mobile Authority, Mike Heiligenstein is at the forefront of providing innovative transport solutions to the Austin area in Texas. He has overseen the growth of the transportation agency to become a national leader in road efficiency projects.


He is avid about using technology to drive transport infrastructure solutions. He believes bicycle and pedestrian pathways should be an integral part of a road network. Mike Heiligenstein has over thirty years’ experience as a public official serving the Central Texas area. He has previously served as a member of the Round Rock City Council. He has also worked as the Commissioner for Williamson County.


Mike Heiligenstein serves on the board of Texas Transport Institute and Turnpike Association among other organizations involved in the provision of transport solutions. As a transportation infrastructure expert, he frequently speaks at forums such as the Growth Summit above and numerous stakeholder workshops and seminars nationally.


Making My Thin Hair Full and Voluminous

WEN hair is a cleansing conditioner system that conveniently takes the place of your conditioner, deep conditioner, hair-detangle, and shampoo to achieve beautiful, healthy, shinny, and manageable hair. This Guthy-Renker endorsed system is a top choice for those concerned with keeping hair not only beautiful but strong and healthy. Wen by Chaz creates its hair formulas with no damaging ingredients. Each formula is created using a mixture of natural ingredients and botanicals so that you can cleanse and condition your hair without worrying about damage. Wen by Chaz offers plenty of options to suit all hair types making it easy to select your product to suit your individual hair and goals.

This review was originally seen on Bustle. The article recounts a girl, with thin textured hair, that tries Wen by Chaz’s Fig product. To read her full story including daily pictures, click on this link:

Day One: Felt a difference in hair thickness. Hair was manageable, shinny, and bouncy.

Day Two: Noticed that hair looked and felt like it held more volume

Day Three: Hair felt amazing all the way through the day

Day Four: Still liking the results. Hair has more shine, is thicker, and feels like it has more volume

Day Five: Dialed in the best regime for optimal results

Day Six: Friends are noticing and commenting on Twitter of how much more healthy and beautiful her hair is looking.

Day Seven: If you would like fuller and healthier looking hair give Wen by Chaz Fig option a try

What Makes French Wine Unique According To UKV PLC?

UKV PLC has guidelines for the French wine novices. French wine is unique because instead of what grape is used on the label, the label has the French region it was made in. Each region has a different way it is made. The region also tells how good the flavor is because of the different soil and climate.

The regions are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire. In Burgundy, you find red and white wines. The red wines have an earthy flavor. The white wines have a fruity flavor. In Bordeaux, you will find red wines with mixed grapes. Champagne has a cold climate so the champagne that we are used to is not the same. The Loire region makes several different wines.

UKV PLC is a wine company in the United Kingdom. They give advice for people who are looking for great wine. They were founded in 2015. UKV PLC is housed in Croydon, UK.

UKV PLC has two opportunities for the wine lover. One is investing in wine. Investing in wine is not a new concept. Wine lovers would hold the wine to hope to sell the wine to another wine lover. It was also used as currency. Investing in wines has some benefits because wines have a great demand. The other opportunity is buying the wine. One big benefit of buying the wine through UKV PLC is that they have specialists that can tell you the best wine to buy.

Madison Street Capital Seeks To Find A Recapitalization Team For ARES Security

Recently, through the years of 2016 and 2017, the ARES Security Corporation requested the services of a nationally recognizable name in the financial service industry to advise them in the following equity and subordinated debt that ARES needed to manage and arrange. The recapitalization would be organized by Madison Street Capital. Why? The Madison Street Capital reputation is comprised of extremely positive feedback from past clients, and they have tons of contacts that provide minority recapitalization. This time, through researching their options, the team decided that their best recommendation to do the job would be the Corbel Structured Equity Partners.



Madison Street’s primary concern is to provide significant assistance and advice to their clients about financial management, a very useful knowledge that the company’s staff is specially selected. Investment can be full of “ifs” and tricks, and the team, led by the CEO Charles Botchway, understands that nescience can lead to bankruptcy or lack of development.



“There is potential everywhere, but it’s necessary to know how to search for it.”



ARES is a security risk management company that focuses on using technology to develop security systems and monitoring software to create a protective environment for both commercial buildings and houses. The transactions would allow them to continue developing their programs at full speed knowing that Botchway’s team are handling the financial part.



The transactions and arrangements were done by no one else than the Senior Managing Director, Reginald McGaugh. Corbel Equity Partners was also extremely honored to be the chosen equity structure managers.



The director stated that it was an honor to work with ARES Security Corporation, their President, and the team. Both sides of the deal were satisfied, and ARES left another great feedback in the service history of Madison Street Capital.



Both companies have stated that they surely will commence another partnership in the future when the need for financial assistance and recapitalization arises again.



Madison Street is a very talented company that commits themselves in finding the best solutions to the economic issues and requirements that their clients are requesting. They are essential “problem solvers,” and specialists at that. They provide consultants with expertise in dozens of subjects: Bankruptcy services, capital restructuring, valuation of the company’s titles, company reorganization, and the list goes on.



The group has also received many awards and recognition prizes in recent work, including their 2017 11th Annual Turnaround Awards for Restructuring Deal of the Year, and two prizes in 2016 from M&A Advisor Awards.


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Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited Hits 60,000 Subscribers

For a fast-growing newsletter, 60,000 subscribers are one of the major milestones hit in the financial world. At the 60,000 customers, the company has been nominated as one of the fastest growing investment industry newsletters. Mampilly is one of the richest former hedge fund managers. In the recent past, he worked for over two decades on Wall Street. His hedge fund was characterized by partners including Kinetics International Company, Deutsche Bank, and ING. In 2010, Templeton Foundation put a competition where he won by a landslide. For this reason, his $50 million investment was converted to over $88 million for over 76 percent profit gained during the financial crisis. During this time, stocks were made short.

Mampilly is an investor and entrepreneur in the business world. In the recent past, he was involved in the signing of the Banyan Hill Publishing Company that was later converted to become Profits Unlimited. His primary purpose to get signed in this arena was to guide American investors into the best investment opportunities in the world. Every month, he has a stock recommendation where business is set as normal. While this is true, he always works to get better results through the use of technology and innovation in the business world.

View Paul Mampilly’s business profile here >>

Part of his business in the company was to issue a heart-breaking newsletter to all his subscribers. Because he had a sense of humor in what he spoke, many people were interested in his teachings. Therefore, the number of subscribers has grown to over 60,000. While he works to invest other people’s money, he also helps them purchase other company’s stocks. He also tracks the entire invested portfolio in a manner that is not precedent in the industry. For all the days of the week, he always has something to tell his subscribers. Paul Mampilly also tracks all the performance taken on the website. He also suggests the best place purchase stocks for his investors. As a matter of fact, he does it for them. This is one of the most innovative alternatives to stocks and information interchange. He is also accompanied by a group of creative and experienced advisors to help his clients get the best information.


Wedding Proposals in NYC are George Street Photo and Video Services Specialty

When it comes to getting engaged in NYC, there really are limitless possibilities to mark that occasion. The team at George Street Photo and Video Services in New York City specialize in bringing your magic moments to life when Central Park is involved.

The park offers an incredible amount of stunning backdrops, and the photographers at George Street Photo and Video Services have taken pictures of the happy couple rowing a boat, ice skating, or taking a ride in a horse drawn carriage.

Whether you want to go back and recapture the moment that the two of you got engaged or you are looking to surprise her on that special day, the photographers at George Street Photo and Video Services in New York City are up to any challenge. Now you can capture the moment you two decided to begin a life together in the most beautiful location in the world.

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Securus Technologies helps corrections officer crack down on contraband cell phones

No prison or jail allows cell phones within its walls. Corrections officers remove these phones when they are found, and the prisoners who are caught with the phones are punished appropriately. The phones are often found well after they have been used.


Finding the phones after they are used does nothing to crack down on the phones the guards do not find. Many prisons are now using systems to detect cell phones being used on their property. Securus Technologies, a leading inmates’ communications and security firm, offers another solution to contraband phones. It prevents cell signals from reaching the local wireless carrier network.


Other companies offer containment solutions that detect cell phone calls made from within the grounds of a correctional facility. These same systems can also track down the number of the phone. Once it is found, prison officials can find out whom the owner of the phone contacted. The difference between these containment solutions and the new Securus System is that these systems let the call get through the wireless carrier network. The prisoner can still use the call to conduct illegal activities.


Securus Technologies hopes the new solution will assist correctional officers in their ongoing fights against contraband. The firm offers many technology solutions to help prison guards do their job. It specializes in communications, and it recently expanded its offerings into video visitation systems.

To Have Philanthropy Succeed Levenson Says to Think Like Businesses Do

After putting the world of sports entertainment behind him, Bruce Levenson dedicated more of his time and energy to the world of philanthropy. In 2010, along with his wife Karen, Levenson seed funded the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland, an initiative aimed at getting college students interested in charity work and giving them the skills needed to start up their own successful philanthropic organizations.

The Do Good Institute encourages college students to develop meaningful relationships within their local community by showing them the value of being engaged and developing a habit of volunteering their time to worthwhile causes. At the same time, they are instructed as to how their developing understanding on the inner workings of a business can help philanthropic organizations develop strategy to better achieve their goals.

By getting college students to both be engaged with charities and instruct them on how they can be successful in similar endeavors, Levenson homes to get the next generation of philanthropists prepared before they organize in earnest.

Seven years in and the Do Good Institute has has several success stories from enterprising students like the Food Recovery Network and Imperfect Produce. And Levenson sees an added benefit in the initiative as more young people become invested in the changes they promote in their communities they also become more involved in campus life. This, he expects, will fight back some troubles colleges and universities have faced since more of higher education has turned digital by helping similar initiatives taking shape across the country.


About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson is an American businessman who co-founded the United Communications Group, attracting millions of clients over 40 years of operation. According to ESPN, he was an owner and governor of the Atlanta Hawks until 2014.

Levenson has been a longtime sponsor of the Holocaust Memorial Museum and has served as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levonson, along with this wife Karen, founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.


Waiakea Invites Social Media User To Hawaii

Waiakea is a great company for water. It offers people the healthiest sand cleanest water that they can hope for. Their water has been gather from some of the best sources. Therefore, it has very low levels of contamination. It shows in its taste.

People that drink this water often find that they are healthier for it. For those that enjoy drinking Waiakea water, there is an award that is available for them. People that drink this water are offered a chance to go to Oahu and enjoy their time. This is a great reward for people who enjoy the great taste and health that comes with Waiakea.

According to Baby Boomster, Waiakea water is hosting a #Follow Your Flow contest. This contest gives people the chance to win the award of taking a vacation to experience the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. For one thing, people will get to take part in this life changing event as they learn many new spiritual secrets.

They also learn how to relax their mind and body so that they can enjoy life to a greater extent. One thing that can be said for these types of conventions is that they will help people create memories that last a lifetime. They get to meet with some of the best yoga instructors in the world.

One of the best things about drinking water fresh from the Waiakea springs is that people get to experience all of the health benefits that they heard comes from water. Often times, people don’t feel as healthy as they should when they drink water because of all of the contaminants that take over the water.

Even bottled and filtered water has quite a few contaminants that could not only cancel the health benefits, but also bring in some adverse effects for people that try to drink water from faulty sources.

Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Jeremy Goldstein, the legal expert

Are you out to get a lawyer to take care of a criminal matter, parenting, will writing help resolve a difference of either landlord or tenant or any other issues to do with the law?

It is now convenient for New Yorkers to get a lawyer who has experience when it comes to law issues.


A new online portal has been started by the New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Services (LRIS) for people seeking for lawyers. The service is confidential and available 24 hours a day using the link If they wish. However, the LRIS telephone service is still available.


In times of stress, individuals often need lawyers. The services at the Lawyer Referral and Information have less pressure as people have the confidence of being linked to lawyers who have excellent credentials and have been assessed by the New York State Bar Association.


The New York State Bar Association agreed to a partner with to come up with the new online technology. The provides a marketplace and referral technology to the industry. While signing the partnership, Mr. Tony Lai the CEO of, noted that they were happy to be connected with the biggest organization of attorneys in the world.

For the last 35 years, The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service has been matching people to lawyers. In 2016 alone, its staff responded to over 10,000 calls from the public.


Mr. Jeremy L.Goldstein is an associate at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a law firm that is dedicated to advising committees on compensation, CEOs, and matters to do with governance. Before starting his own law firm, he was a partner at Watchwell law firm.


In the past decades, Mr. Goldstein has taken part in many f the biggest transactions in the cooperate world. Among this was the acquiring of the Goodrich by United Technologies.