Billy McFarland Leads the Way with Regard to Business Networking Success By Way of His Black Magnises Card

Millennials are excited about their new networking resource, invented by twenty-three Billy McFarland, which comes in the form of the highly reputed black Magnises card.

The invention is Billy’s singular idea. It combines a pay option, since it is tied to the user’s bank card or credit card, as well as discounting and easy entry into some of the city’s most enjoyable eating and social venues.

The young professional who makes use of the black Magnises card, ranges within the age category of twenty years old to thirty-five years of age–according to Billy McFarland.

Persons, when carrying the card, show it at venues, where Magnises has formed business partnerships. The member is provided with a discount. Such partnerships include some of New York’s trendiest restaurants, best places to be seen–such as clubs and other venues, where libations are served, and happy hours observed; and events hosted by the company.

The Millennial wishing to make in-roads, into the city’s social and business dynamic, can do so by carrying the Magnises black card.

What makes the card, unique, too, is that it is somewhat weighty. Members embrace the preceding feature. The card is virtually impossible to lose. By its weighty feel, it is easy enough to pull out of a handbag or other area of concealment.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland provides a practical solution for the Millennial crowd, by way of his Magnises black card invention. It is one of today’s “must haves,” for the professional Millennial who wishes to build successful and prosperous business relationships with other Millennial professionals.

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