Brazilian Construction Company Construcap

In the over 70 years of its existence, Construcap has consistently grown and today stands as one the ten largest construction companies in Brazil. The primary segments that it works in is buildings, energy, and infrastructure in both the private and public market places. Construcap has a commitment to producing sustainable developments coupled with a strong sense of responsibility to its employees and the communities that it works in.

Construcap has partnered with Innova Health in order to build three hospitals in Brazil. Once completed they will have a total bed capacity of 626 beds. These will include the Hospital São Paulo with 218 beds, the Sorocaba Hospital with 25 beds, and the São José dos Campos Hospita which will have 158 beds.

Another recent project was the Minas Arena on YouTube, which is a sports arena for soccer located in Belo Horizonte. The Minas Arena is the world’s largest stadium to be completely powered by solar, as well as replacing uses of tap water (such as urinals, toilets, and irrigation of the field) with rain water.

In 2016 a consortium was formed consisting of Construcap, Flour
Corporation, and CFPS. This joint venture on will leverage each company’s strengths in order to complete a natural gas development project in Brazil. In a statement the President of Fluor’s Energy & Chemicals Americas business line said, “The successful start-up of this facility is a testament to the capital efficiency and schedule certainty that the Fluor and Construcap team brings to clients in Brazil.”

Construcap is committed to the ongoing training on, development, and expansion of the latest construction practices and techniques for its employees. In addition the company trains and employs people in the areas in which it has developments as a part of their social responsibility.

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