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Boraie Development , the Real Estate Investor

Omar Boraie is popular for being visionary. He has been capable of seeing the excellent opportunity in New Brunswick for forty years. His most recent venture lies in the middle of The Aspire. The city houses an exceptionally expensive housing, high raises building. Over the years, this scheme has always been dreaming of it. He is therefore happy for it is soon approaching realization.

He also heads Boraie Development LLC. His admission concerning the project is that it has had disbelievers for several years.

His aspiration was to rebuild New Brunswick similarly. This is related to the manner he viewed in Europe at his time of travel as a scholar. His description is that the region was awful. There was no walking anywhere in the streets on the open beyond 4 p.m. He understood that he could improve this. This acted as a start to working his dream.

At the moment, Omar has a stunning outlook from an office whose location is on the 8th floor. Initially, the region comprised of twenty-one structures on one and they were all collapsing.

With anticipation, he started purchasing the entire structures. Upon acquiring all of them all, his strategy began. Despite the fact that many thought he was crazy, he was only visionary ahead of the time. The original building was to offer an office space and was named Tower One. The establishment of the building happened between the 1980’s and 1990’s. The erection of the second Tower was done in 2003.

Despite the fact that the towers were an exceptional commencement, Omar recognized high-quality housing space on the site about. Me which was urgently needed also. His vision here was a grand building for condominiums. This building was indeed built and was the highest structure in the city. Standing at 25 floors tall, this structure having 121 units for occupants. There existed an enormous space assigned for offices, wholesale trades, a fantastic parking and garage space, and dwellings outdoor for roasts as well as dog walking.

He is an Egyptian refugee who progressed to New Brunswick about 40 years ago with the objective of getting his Ph.D. However, he advanced into the sector of real estate at the time he was in New Brunswick. Without hesitating, he hastily got into the business. He is currently known to be among the businesspersons in the field of real estate.

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Roberto Santiago Enjoys Sports And Entertainment And Offers These Amenities to Shoppers At His Mall

Brazil is famous for its beautiful beaches and art deco architecture. The city of Joao Pessoa is equally famous for their rich, hospitable atmosphere. Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa, and makes it his home to this day. He founded the Manaíra Shopping center there in 1987, eventually opening the doors after the extensive construction was completed in 1989. Roberto was only 30 years old and already was bringing in a wealth of success from his venture. The Manaíra Shopping mall is the largest mall in all of Joao Pessoa. One of Roberto’s credos is to establish a camaraderie between his guests and the mall. This is why there is such an extensive offering of varied services and entertainment that can be found there, to keep shoppers coming back on a daily basis, often spending their entire day in the mall.

Roberto Santiago created the mall’s design to focus on recreation, entertainment and educational services, essentially forming a one-stop location to find everything a shopper could want. There are eleven up-to-date theater rooms, equipped with the most current audio and visual equipment that can be obtained. The theaters offer VIP rooms for guests who prefer to experience a movie privately with only their family, or with their close friends. There are also 3D viewing rooms for shoppers who want to see a film offered in 3D. Each theater room has stadium seats for a much better view of the movie, compared to most other theaters. Every theater also has its own bar service, so you never have to leave the movie to find a drink or a snack. Read more on

There is an expansive fitness center, with on site professional trainers to assist you as you work out in their fully stocked gyms. For the shopper who prefers to spend their time playing video games, there is an amusement park that is stocked with more than 200 games within its 1800 square meter floor size. Within the amusement park is featured a fully electronic bowling lane where many times, shoppers can find Mr. Roberto Santiago himself on the lanes, for he is a known professional bowler and avid sports fan. Roberto has won a great many trophies from a variety of events all over South America, including racing in motocross and kart championship events.

The food area of the mall is amazing. It is called Gourmet Space, and has restaurants of all kinds, ranging from fine cuisine, to fast foods as well. There is a two-story concert hall positioned on the roof of the mall, which is famous for hosting 10,000 people who want to see a live performance, a comedian, or to host a ceremony within private cabins. View more articles on

Jason Hope – An Entrepreneur From Arizona

Mr. Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur from Arizona who invested in the healthcare technology. As an entrepreneur, Jason has many inspirations when it comes to business venture.

Being a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and an MBA from the same institution, Jason understands that he has what it takes to start anything that is business related. At the initial stage of starting his business, Jason was inspired by mobile communication technology. He comprehends that the technology of mobile communication has a lot of benefits and can help with the opportunity of reaching a larger segment of people. Perhaps, it is the catalyst for change.

As a businessman, Jason Hope understands that the technology of mobile communication still needs some room for improvement and growth. Therefore, Jason was able to use the opportunity by starting to sell premium text message services – this is how Jason was able to lay his foundation and future in the business of medical research and technology and at the same time securing his passion of becoming a futurist.

Jason Hope is a fortunate man. Currently, he is making money from his portfolio of technology companies. At the beginning of his career, Jason created a mobile communication company known as Jawa. This was the parent company, which resulted in the additional partnerships with other companies in the industry of technology. Most of Jason investments include firms that provide Interactive Software, Business Information Systems, Digital Media Solutions, and Marketing Services. He appreciates that the future of the society depends on technology. It is through technology that places, things, and people can connect and interconnect.

Also, Jason apprehends that entrepreneurs will always have doubts on their ideas. New concepts or products will always present challenges. Therefore, it is upon the entrepreneur in charge to learn how to handle failure. According to Jason, an entrepreneur must always be on toes and focus on thinking ahead.

Bruce Levenson to Come Out on Top

Bruce Levenson has led an interesting life. He grew up in the northern suburbs of Washington D.C. He moved from there after high school to attend Washington University in St. Louis. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Politics he went on to get his law degree from American University. While attending American University, he started working as a journalist for the Washington Star.

In 1977, he and Ed Peskowitz decided to start their own paper that focused on developments in the oil industry. The United Communications Group was the name of the company and it began above Levenson’s father’s liquor store. As time went on they began obtaining other newsletters and started their own database. Both Levenson and Peskowitz have become members of the board for the company that they founded. This company still focuses on information but not just for the oil industry, now they have focuses in health, energy, mortgage banking, and technology among other industries.

He and Peskowitz bought the Atlanta Hawks LLC in 2004. At the time this meant that the two, along with a group of shareholders, owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, their stadium, and the Atlanta Thrashers Hockey team. Seven years after acquiring the two teams, the Thrashers were sold. Bruce Levenson felt it was important to focus on the basketball team and decided to become a member of the NBA Board of Governors. In 2014, the two sold the Hawks.

During their time as owners former general manager Danny Ferry had some misgivings with the organizations insurance company, causing the Company to begin pursuing a settlement against New Hampshire Insurance Company AIG. The claim is that there was a breach of contract involving protection of Wrongful Acts of Termination. It is important to note this involves the previous owners though and not the current owners of the Atlanta Hawks.

Having a solid background, and being a philanthropist in the community, in addition to his own law degree, Bruce Levenson and his partners are sure to come out on top no matter what.



The Business of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is known to not only be a personable individual who treats every client and employee with respect, but is also known to be a savvy businesswoman who has created a product that is in high demand and that relies heavily on the feedback that is provided by the customers of her company. Doe Deere is the owner as well as the founder of Lime Crime, a makeup company that was founded in 2008. Though Doe Deere has not always been a makeup artist, she has always been a creative individual who has been dedicated to finding creative solutions and options to bring out a positive attitude.


Doe Deere is known for her social media presence on sites such as Instagram that showoff the models that she uses which not only wear bright and vibrant clothing, but also wear bright colored makeup that is of her own design. Doe Deere has become an influential member of the makeup industry with her bright and beautiful hues and has made people realize that they can look beautiful on the outside while feeling confident and beautiful on the inside. As the creator of bright hues, Doe Deere does not shy away from adding bright makeup to the lips, cheeks, as well as to the eyes of each of her customers.


The brand name of Lime Crime was created to sell a new way to wear makeup. The brand name of Lime Crime was chosen due to Doe Deere’s love of the color lime, but also for her desire to make her brand name jump out to new potential buyers. Though Doe Deere is running a successful business that continues to expand, Doe Deere often remarks that her job does not feel like a job due to the fact that she is having too much fun.


In recent news, Doe Deere has been recognized by Galore magazine as one of the top innovators of the makeup industry. Doe Deere stated that her company was made for her customers and that she hopes that her customers can continue to have a say with the products that she puts out in the future. Doe Deere made the business decision to have an internet-based company in order to remain close to her customers.


Serial Entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky’s Philanthropic Efforts and Academic Background

Eric Lefkofsky is a seasoned entrepreneur and a highly regarded chief executive with many initiatives to his name. His business ventures span several sectors of the economy, including healthcare, IT, media and investment. According to his biography appearing in 4-traders website, Eric is currently the MD of Lightbank LLC, Director at Orange Media and Point.con and more prominently the Chairman of Groupon Inc. He also serves as a Director at Lights with Innovation Group, Art Institute of Chicago, Watermelon Express Inc, Lefkofsky Family Foundation and Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital. The US born entrepreneur is the Cofounder of Groupon Inc, Echo Global Logistics Inc and InnerWorkings Inc. Eric has served as Director at Point since the mid 90’s and has been the Chairman of NASDAQ listed Groupon Inc since 2008.

Eric Lefkofsky holds about 18% equity at Groupon Inc, which is valued at $400 million and 3.6% equity at Echo Global Logistics Inc valued at $20.8 million. Outside his corporate engagements, Eric is deeply involved in philanthropy; his net worth is currently estimated to be in the region of $1.7 billion. According to Inside Philanthropy, his efforts are trained on education, healthcare, human rights, culture and medical research. Eric with his wife Liz established Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF) in 2006 to support various organizations operating in the US and around the world.

The educational initiative supported by Eric and Liz in Chicago supports charter schools, and offers scholarship to disadvantaged kids. As an Alumnus of the University of Michigan, Eric continues to make huge donations to support various initiatives, including a onetime $1.2 million to support the university’s health system. The other universities that have benefited from his largesse include DePaul and Northwestern University. Eric’s support for the healthcare sector targets children’s health and cancer research and treatment. Some of the illnesses taking a huge slice of the funds include Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, brain tumors and cystic fibrosis. The list of organizations that have benefited include Medical Mission for Children, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

In terms of education, Eric Lefkofsky studied and graduated from Southfield-Lathrup High School in 1987, an excerpt on Wikipedia reveals. In 1991, he graduated with honors from the University of Michigan before advancing for his Juris Doctor in 1993 at the university’s law school. Eric Lefkofsky has also taught at various universities in the Greater Chicago Area. He previously taught disruptive business models at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and applied technology at DePaul University’s school of business. Eric is currently an Adjunct Professor at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, where he teaches entrepreneurship and business. One of Eric’s most popular books is titled “Accelerated Disruption”, which was published by Easton Studio Press in November 2007.

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