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Madison Street Capital Seeks To Find A Recapitalization Team For ARES Security

Recently, through the years of 2016 and 2017, the ARES Security Corporation requested the services of a nationally recognizable name in the financial service industry to advise them in the following equity and subordinated debt that ARES needed to manage and arrange. The recapitalization would be organized by Madison Street Capital. Why? The Madison Street Capital reputation is comprised of extremely positive feedback from past clients, and they have tons of contacts that provide minority recapitalization. This time, through researching their options, the team decided that their best recommendation to do the job would be the Corbel Structured Equity Partners.



Madison Street’s primary concern is to provide significant assistance and advice to their clients about financial management, a very useful knowledge that the company’s staff is specially selected. Investment can be full of “ifs” and tricks, and the team, led by the CEO Charles Botchway, understands that nescience can lead to bankruptcy or lack of development.



“There is potential everywhere, but it’s necessary to know how to search for it.”



ARES is a security risk management company that focuses on using technology to develop security systems and monitoring software to create a protective environment for both commercial buildings and houses. The transactions would allow them to continue developing their programs at full speed knowing that Botchway’s team are handling the financial part.



The transactions and arrangements were done by no one else than the Senior Managing Director, Reginald McGaugh. Corbel Equity Partners was also extremely honored to be the chosen equity structure managers.



The director stated that it was an honor to work with ARES Security Corporation, their President, and the team. Both sides of the deal were satisfied, and ARES left another great feedback in the service history of Madison Street Capital.



Both companies have stated that they surely will commence another partnership in the future when the need for financial assistance and recapitalization arises again.



Madison Street is a very talented company that commits themselves in finding the best solutions to the economic issues and requirements that their clients are requesting. They are essential “problem solvers,” and specialists at that. They provide consultants with expertise in dozens of subjects: Bankruptcy services, capital restructuring, valuation of the company’s titles, company reorganization, and the list goes on.



The group has also received many awards and recognition prizes in recent work, including their 2017 11th Annual Turnaround Awards for Restructuring Deal of the Year, and two prizes in 2016 from M&A Advisor Awards.


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Are Stock-based Loans the Future of Capital Borrowing?

Ever thought of your stock assets being a basis for borrowing money? That’s a growing trend right now among investors as discovered by Equities First Holdings LLC. So what are the advantages of stock-based loans over conventional loans?


In the current economic climate, banks and other lending institutions are tightening the grip on their borrowing terms. This move has seen many potential borrowers affected and has led to the search for other alternatives. As Equities First Holdings reports, margin loans and stock-based loans seem to be the answer to accessing quick investing capital—and there are advantages to doing this.


First, stock-based loans have a much lower risk when the market is on the downside. Their loan-value ratio is also much higher compared to margin loans; 50% to 75% for stock-based loans and 10% to 50% for margin loans. The stock-based loans are non-recourse meaning the investor is not bound to the stock loan and can walk away from it when they wish.


Additionally, the criteria for qualification are more relaxed with a stock-based loan. The borrower is not subjected to an excruciating vetting process by the financial institution, neither are they asked to detail where the money will be used. So the borrower has everything to gain from using stock-based loans in accessing capital.


Then it’s a wonder why this form of borrowing hasn’t been a popular channel given the idea has existed for years. Well, previously there was a scandal where lenders used borrower’s stocks to invest in the market, and ran away from the aftermath when the market crashed. But today’s lending institutions have more integrity and transparency, a vital prerequisite for stock-based loans to flourish.


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