FreedomPop is a flexible virtual framework and wireless internet administrator with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The association provides free IP versatile services, VoIP & text, free data and sells cell phones, broadband devices and tablets that can be used with their services. The association was begun by CEO Stephen Stokols & Steven Sesar and supported by Intel, Axiata, Atomico, Mangrove Capital, Partech Ventures, and DCM Capital. So far, FreedomPop has contributed an excess of $109 million with inclusion of $50 million Series C during the middle of 2016.


FreedomPop uses Sprint’s framework within United States whereby in 2015 the association announced its courses of action in extending different parts of the world. Around the UK the company will apply Three’s system while in mid 2016; FreedomPop pushed an overall SIM with Free versatile information to more than 25 countries, including UK and US. In late 2016, FreedomPop propelled a LTE SIM utilizing the AT&T’s framework.


FreedomPop was built up by Stephen Stokols, the CEO and Steven Sesar in 2011. Preceding building up FreedomPop, Stokols filled in as the CEO at Woo Media, an entertainment & video startup. FreedomPop united with LightSquared in December 2011, before ending its partnership since LightSquared did not get Federal Communications Commission (FCC) underwriting to work out its system. FreedomPop began providing 4G sole hotspots in October 2012 with the association giving portable and remote web benefits in the United States using Clearwire’s 4G framework before the organization changed 20% of its free customer base to paid customers in December 2012.


In April 2013, FreedomPop united with Sprint to enlarge its scope that incorporated 3G & 4G with Sprint idealized gadgets. While, in October 2013, one year from its basic remote broadband dispatch, the organization began its beta free cell phone bundle that involved data services, voice & text.


FreedomPop began supporting and offering Sprint-consummate iPhones in April 2014. The association moreover discharged an iOS application that offers content, phone message and voice administration to customers in the United States. After a month, in May 2014, FreedomPop commenced supporting LTE Android cell phones. In July the association pronounced of gazing to provide SIM card-based plans in Belgium in partnership with Dutch transporter KPN.


In July 2014, FreedomPop began offering its free 4G data packages, voice and text packages to tablet customers, starting with the Samsung Tab 3 & iPad Mini. The voice, text plan and free data are given to those getting a tablet through FreedomPop or other qualified “bring your particular device” Sprint gadgets.FreedomPop review is presently serving various countries and individuals have proceeded to enjoy digital devices and data services.