Mr. Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur from Arizona who invested in the healthcare technology. As an entrepreneur, Jason has many inspirations when it comes to business venture.

Being a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor Degree in Finance and an MBA from the same institution, Jason understands that he has what it takes to start anything that is business related. At the initial stage of starting his business, Jason was inspired by mobile communication technology. He comprehends that the technology of mobile communication has a lot of benefits and can help with the opportunity of reaching a larger segment of people. Perhaps, it is the catalyst for change.

As a businessman, Jason Hope understands that the technology of mobile communication still needs some room for improvement and growth. Therefore, Jason was able to use the opportunity by starting to sell premium text message services – this is how Jason was able to lay his foundation and future in the business of medical research and technology and at the same time securing his passion of becoming a futurist.

Jason Hope is a fortunate man. Currently, he is making money from his portfolio of technology companies. At the beginning of his career, Jason created a mobile communication company known as Jawa. This was the parent company, which resulted in the additional partnerships with other companies in the industry of technology. Most of Jason investments include firms that provide Interactive Software, Business Information Systems, Digital Media Solutions, and Marketing Services. He appreciates that the future of the society depends on technology. It is through technology that places, things, and people can connect and interconnect.

Also, Jason apprehends that entrepreneurs will always have doubts on their ideas. New concepts or products will always present challenges. Therefore, it is upon the entrepreneur in charge to learn how to handle failure. According to Jason, an entrepreneur must always be on toes and focus on thinking ahead.