WEN hair is a cleansing conditioner system that conveniently takes the place of your conditioner, deep conditioner, hair-detangle, and shampoo to achieve beautiful, healthy, shinny, and manageable hair. This Guthy-Renker endorsed system is a top choice for those concerned with keeping hair not only beautiful but strong and healthy. Wen by Chaz creates its hair formulas with no damaging ingredients. Each formula is created using a mixture of natural ingredients and botanicals so that you can cleanse and condition your hair without worrying about damage. Wen by Chaz offers plenty of options to suit all hair types making it easy to select your product to suit your individual hair and goals. https://chazdean.com/store.aspx

This review was originally seen on Bustle. The article recounts a girl, with thin textured hair, that tries Wen by Chaz’s Fig product. To read her full story including daily pictures, click on this link:


Day One: Felt a difference in hair thickness. Hair was manageable, shinny, and bouncy.

Day Two: Noticed that hair looked and felt like it held more volume

Day Three: Hair felt amazing all the way through the day

Day Four: Still liking the results. Hair has more shine, is thicker, and feels like it has more volume

Day Five: Dialed in the best regime for optimal results

Day Six: Friends are noticing and commenting on Twitter of how much more healthy and beautiful her hair is looking.

Day Seven: If you would like fuller and healthier looking hair give Wen by Chaz Fig option a try