Transportation stakeholders recently met to discuss solutions to a growing urban traffic menace in Austin, Texas. The discussions were held under the auspices of the 19th Annual Williamson County Growth Summit. The forum seeks to address growing infrastructure needs, the future of toll roads in the state and what can be done to ease congestion on the roads.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is mandated to improve the quality of life and ease of doing business in Central Texas. The Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein agreed that toll roads are just one of the solutions to obtaining infrastructure funding. There is a healthy investor community in the area, and the state is looking to maximize such opportunities to accelerate development and maintenance of critical road networks. The Mobility Authority can make use of bonds, user fees or taxes to fund infrastructure projects.


Some sections may require strategic toll roads and zoning options for heavy commercial and farm traffic. This multi-pronged approach is the key to sustainable infrastructure development going into the future.


Better efficiency is required in public transport systems to reduce traffic. A good road network will attract new businesses to the area. It will also help local and regional businesses improve their bottom line through savings in commuting time and improved logistics and communications. Some of the proposed solutions include building smart connected roads, empowering capacity for real-time traffic monitoring through mobile applications and carpooling to reduce commuter traffic.


Stakeholders were also united on the need to integrate available cutting edge technologies into the design of new road networks and modernize the existing transport system. Through Mobile Authority, Mike Heiligenstein is at the forefront of providing innovative transport solutions to the Austin area in Texas. He has overseen the growth of the transportation agency to become a national leader in road efficiency projects.


He is avid about using technology to drive transport infrastructure solutions. He believes bicycle and pedestrian pathways should be an integral part of a road network. Mike Heiligenstein has over thirty years’ experience as a public official serving the Central Texas area. He has previously served as a member of the Round Rock City Council. He has also worked as the Commissioner for Williamson County.


Mike Heiligenstein serves on the board of Texas Transport Institute and Turnpike Association among other organizations involved in the provision of transport solutions. As a transportation infrastructure expert, he frequently speaks at forums such as the Growth Summit above and numerous stakeholder workshops and seminars nationally.