Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the world’s most successful companies in its field of supplying verification of vital documents needed to keep our mortgage and financing industry running properly. Whenever anyone needs to finance their new home with a mortgage, the necessary documents such as titles, lien verification, tax documents and other important papers have to be located and verified as being authentic.


When you consider that there are over 3,800 counties and jurisdictions that act as sources for this information, it is easy to see that mistakes and errors can occur simply due to the sheer volume of data that is available. Astonishingly, Nationwide enjoys a 99.8 percent record of accuracy in its finding and verification of documents.


CEO of Nationwide, John Hillman recently stated in an industry-wide podcast that even though there is a lot of talk in the industry about the need for better compliance, there never seems to be any progress across the board in that area. Hillman stated that compliance begins at the company level where a high bar needs to be publicly set, and then accountability needs to be publicly displayed.


The secret to the success of Nationwide lies in its extensive use of technology and the high degree of competence and abilities of its employees. As can well be imagined, the volume of data that must be processed offers great opportunities for mistakes, and Nationwide’s track record in that area is anything but that. Without a robust and continually updated immersion in the technological area, a track record such as Nationwide displays would be impossible.


The quality of employees makes a huge difference in obtaining the types of results that Nationwide has been able to reach. First of all, hiring people from the outset who are well qualified, both from experience and from the standpoint of exemplary performance in previous experiences is vital. Then when they come on board, the training that they receive must be complete and always current and up-to-date.


The 450 plus employees that work for Nationwide is a very talented and loyal group of people. Most stay on and move up in the organization, and there are ample training and cross-training opportunities available. For the past five out of six years, employees have voiced their opinion in an independent study that Nationwide is one of the top 100 places to work as reported by the Tampa Bay Times.