For a fast-growing newsletter, 60,000 subscribers are one of the major milestones hit in the financial world. At the 60,000 customers, the company has been nominated as one of the fastest growing investment industry newsletters. Mampilly is one of the richest former hedge fund managers. In the recent past, he worked for over two decades on Wall Street. His hedge fund was characterized by partners including Kinetics International Company, Deutsche Bank, and ING. In 2010, Templeton Foundation put a competition where he won by a landslide. For this reason, his $50 million investment was converted to over $88 million for over 76 percent profit gained during the financial crisis. During this time, stocks were made short.

Mampilly is an investor and entrepreneur in the business world. In the recent past, he was involved in the signing of the Banyan Hill Publishing Company that was later converted to become Profits Unlimited. His primary purpose to get signed in this arena was to guide American investors into the best investment opportunities in the world. Every month, he has a stock recommendation where business is set as normal. While this is true, he always works to get better results through the use of technology and innovation in the business world.

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Part of his business in the company was to issue a heart-breaking newsletter to all his subscribers. Because he had a sense of humor in what he spoke, many people were interested in his teachings. Therefore, the number of subscribers has grown to over 60,000. While he works to invest other people’s money, he also helps them purchase other company’s stocks. He also tracks the entire invested portfolio in a manner that is not precedent in the industry. For all the days of the week, he always has something to tell his subscribers. Paul Mampilly also tracks all the performance taken on the website. He also suggests the best place purchase stocks for his investors. As a matter of fact, he does it for them. This is one of the most innovative alternatives to stocks and information interchange. He is also accompanied by a group of creative and experienced advisors to help his clients get the best information.