No prison or jail allows cell phones within its walls. Corrections officers remove these phones when they are found, and the prisoners who are caught with the phones are punished appropriately. The phones are often found well after they have been used.


Finding the phones after they are used does nothing to crack down on the phones the guards do not find. Many prisons are now using systems to detect cell phones being used on their property. Securus Technologies, a leading inmates’ communications and security firm, offers another solution to contraband phones. It prevents cell signals from reaching the local wireless carrier network.


Other companies offer containment solutions that detect cell phone calls made from within the grounds of a correctional facility. These same systems can also track down the number of the phone. Once it is found, prison officials can find out whom the owner of the phone contacted. The difference between these containment solutions and the new Securus System is that these systems let the call get through the wireless carrier network. The prisoner can still use the call to conduct illegal activities.


Securus Technologies hopes the new solution will assist correctional officers in their ongoing fights against contraband. The firm offers many technology solutions to help prison guards do their job. It specializes in communications, and it recently expanded its offerings into video visitation systems.