Bernardo Chua is a prominent businessman with Philippine origin but currently residing in California, USA. He has successfully built a business empire with a humble beginning of been an employee back in the Philippines to becoming a global entrepreneur.

Initially, he was employed by Gano Excel in the Philippines. Later, Bernardo moved to California to lead Gano Excel USA. Thanks to his Philippines upbringing that made him understand the nutritional values of ganodermalucidium as an ingredient in the products of Gano Excel.

According to Zoom Info, Bernardo Chua later made his vision a success by establishing his company by the name Organo Gold. Organo Gold specializes in the production and sale of coffee and other items containing the healthy Ganoderma.

The most remarkable occurrence is that initially he had only three employees in his company but would later make it a multi-million dollar industry in more than 35 countries with numerous employees.

To make his products thrive through the global competitive market, Bernardo Chua has come up with an effective strategic plan known as the Preferred Customer Program.

This is a reward program aiming at rewarding frequent buyers. And how is this made possible? The program is accomplished by providing a 25 percent discount on Organo Gold coffee and associated products.

On his Facebook account, Bernardo is cited declaring his vision in coffee and tea beverages. Hard work and determination have seen him produce healthier beverage commodities as an alternative to regular coffee. He has used his Twitter account by the name ‘Bernie’ to expand and share his business concept to the young generation as well as ways of becoming successful.

Bernardo has received many awards globally. Severally, he has been selected as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the year. He was awarded the 2014 Business and Industry Dangalng Bayan award.

His company has been awarded People’s Choice Awards for being the leading global network marketing company. Bernardo’s company sponsors OG Cares Foundation that mentors the young generation on quality leadership.

The company under Bernardo’s leadership has successfully supplied a wide range of consumables by the aid of its independent, hardworking distributors.

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