UKV PLC has guidelines for the French wine novices. French wine is unique because instead of what grape is used on the label, the label has the French region it was made in. Each region has a different way it is made. The region also tells how good the flavor is because of the different soil and climate.

The regions are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire. In Burgundy, you find red and white wines. The red wines have an earthy flavor. The white wines have a fruity flavor. In Bordeaux, you will find red wines with mixed grapes. Champagne has a cold climate so the champagne that we are used to is not the same. The Loire region makes several different wines.

UKV PLC is a wine company in the United Kingdom. They give advice for people who are looking for great wine. They were founded in 2015. UKV PLC is housed in Croydon, UK.

UKV PLC has two opportunities for the wine lover. One is investing in wine. Investing in wine is not a new concept. Wine lovers would hold the wine to hope to sell the wine to another wine lover. It was also used as currency. Investing in wines has some benefits because wines have a great demand. The other opportunity is buying the wine. One big benefit of buying the wine through UKV PLC is that they have specialists that can tell you the best wine to buy.